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The United Church of Canada Commons

Skip Navigation LinksGeneral Council Executive: GC37 Executive (2000-2003)
This is a library of public documents from the United Church. Many items found here are longer-format and official documents. For information on our latest work, please visit

The United Church Commons is a public library of official documents from The United Church of Canada. For information on our latest initiatives, please visit

2000-11-03 GCE (pages 1-28).pdf2000-11-03 GCE (pages 1-28)GCE11/3/2000Minutes455 KB
2000-11-03 GCSE (page 29).pdf2000-11-03 GCSE (page 29)GCE11/3/2000Minutes16 KB
2000-11-29 GCSE (pages 30-35).pdf2000-11-29 GCSE (pages 30-35)GCE11/29/2000Minutes66 KB
2001-01-31 GCSE (pages 36-40).pdf2001-01-31 GCSE (pages 36-40)GCE1/31/2001Minutes43 KB
2001-04-27-30 GCE (pages 41-64).pdf2001-04-27-30 GCE (pages 41-64)GCE4/27/2001Minutes182 KB
2001-04-30 GCSE (page 65).pdf2001-04-30 GCSE (page 65)GCE4/30/2001Minutes18 KB
2001-05-10 GCSE (pages 66-67).pdf2001-05-10 GCSE (pages 66-67)GCE5/10/2001Minutes22 KB
2001-05-23 GCSE (page 68).pdf2001-05-23 GCSE (page 68)GCE5/23/2001Minutes20 KB
2001-06-10 GCSE (pages 69-77).pdf2001-06-10 GCSE (pages 69-77)GCE6/10/2001Minutes76 KB
2001-06-20 GCSE (pages 78-80).pdf2001-06-20 GCSE (pages 78-80)GCE6/20/2001Minutes30 KB
2001-11-02 GCE (pages 81-106).pdf2001-11-02 GCE (pages 81-106)GCE11/2/2001Minutes387 KB
2001-11-20 GCSE (pages 107-110).pdf2001-11-20 GCSE (pages 107-110)GCE11/20/2001Minutes47 KB
2001-12-19 GCSE (pages 111-114).pdf2001-12-19 GCSE (pages 111-114)GCE12/19/2001Minutes39 KB
2002-01-15 GCSE (pages 115-117).pdf2002-01-15 GCSE (pages 115-117)GCE1/15/2002Minutes28 KB
2002-02-12 GCSE (pages 118-121).pdf2002-02-12 GCSE (pages 118-121)GCE2/12/2002Minutes42 KB
2002-03-07 GCSE (pages 122-123).pdf2002-03-07 GCSE (pages 122-123)GCE3/7/2002Minutes28 KB
2002-03-25 GCSE (pages 124-126).pdf2002-03-25 GCSE (pages 124-126)GCE3/25/2002Minutes32 KB
2002-04-18 GCSE (pages 127-128).pdf2002-04-18 GCSE (pages 127-128)GCE4/18/2002Minutes24 KB
2002-04-26 GCE (pages 129-152).pdf2002-04-26 GCE (pages 129-152)GCE4/26/2002Minutes334 KB
2002-04-26.MIN-APP-A.pdf2002-04-26.MIN-APP-AGCE4/26/2002Minutes67 KB
2002-04-26.MIN-APP-B.pdf2002-04-26.MIN-APP-BGCE4/26/2002Minutes28 KB
2002-04-26.MIN-APP-C.pdf2002-04-26.MIN-APP-CGCE4/26/2002Minutes56 KB
2002-06-17 GCSE (pages 153-160).pdf2002-06-17 GCSE (pages 153-160)GCE6/17/2002Minutes69 KB
2002-06-27 GCSE (pages 161-163).pdf2002-06-27 GCSE (pages 161-163)GCE6/27/2002Minutes31 KB
2002-08-06 GCSE (pages 164-167).pdf2002-08-06 GCSE (pages 164-167)GCE8/6/2002Minutes25 KB
2002-08-23 GCSE (pages 168-173).pdf2002-08-23 GCSE (pages 168-173)GCE8/23/2002Minutes51 KB
2002-09-10 GCSE (pages 174-180).pdf2002-09-10 GCSE (pages 174-180)GCE9/10/2002Minutes73 KB
2002-11-01 GCE (pages 181-216).pdf2002-11-01 GCE (pages 181-216)GCE11/1/2002Minutes586 KB
2002-12-19 GCSE (pages 217-226).pdf2002-12-19 GCSE (pages 217-226)GCE12/19/2002Minutes87 KB
2003-01-17-19 GCE (pages 227-251).pdf2003-01-17-19 GCE (pages 227-251)GCE1/17/2003Minutes97 KB
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