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The United Church of Canada Commons

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This is a library of public documents from the United Church. Many items found here are longer-format and official documents. For information on our latest work, please visit

The United Church Commons is a public library of official documents from The United Church of Canada. For information on our latest initiatives, please visit

2009-09-08 GCSE (pages 1-2).pdf2009-09-08 GCSE (pages 1-2)GCE9/8/2009Minutes89 KB
2009-11-13 GCE (pages 3-103).pdf2009-11-13 GCE (pages 3-103)GCE11/13/2009Minutes932 KB
2009-12-10 GCSE (pages 104-107).pdf2009-12-10 GCSE (pages 104-107)GCE12/10/2009Minutes37 KB
2010-02-11 GCSE (pages 108-112).pdf2010-02-11 GCSE (pages 108-112)GCE2/11/2010Minutes110 KB
2010-04-13 GCSE (pages 113-114).pdf2010-04-13 GCSE (pages 113-114)GCE4/13/2010Minutes124 KB
2010-04-26 GCSE (pages 115-116).pdf2010-04-26 GCSE (pages 115-116)GCE4/26/2010Minutes90 KB
2010-05-01 GCE (pages 117-155).pdf2010-05-01 GCE (pages 117-155)GCE5/1/2010Minutes383 KB
2010-05-17 GCSE (pages 156-158).pdf2010-05-17 GCSE (pages 156-158)GCE5/17/2010Minutes92 KB
2010-06-11 GCSE (pages 159-162).pdf2010-06-11 GCSE (pages 159-162)GCE6/11/2010Minutes140 KB
2010-06-24 GCSE (pages 163-166).pdf2010-06-24 GCSE (pages 163-166)GCE6/24/2010Minutes138 KB
2010-09-30 GCSE (pages 167-169).pdf2010-09-30 GCSE (pages 167-169)GCE9/30/2010Minutes107 KB
2010-11-13 GCE (pages 170-188).pdf2010-11-13 GCE (pages 170-188)GCE11/13/2010Minutes265 KB
2010-11-13 GCE (pages 189-263) Addenda.pdf2010-11-13 GCE (pages 189-263) AddendaGCE11/13/2010Minutes849 KB
2010-12-06 GCSE (pages 264-267).pdf2010-12-06 GCSE (pages 264-267)GCE12/6/2010Minutes101 KB
2011-01-10 GCSE (pages 268-271).pdf2011-01-10 GCSE (pages 268-271)GCE1/10/2011Minutes100 KB
2011-02-15 GCSE (pages 272 -284).pdf2011-02-15 GCSE (pages 272 -284)GCE2/15/2011Minutes193 KB
2011-03-21 GCSE (pages 285-286).pdf2011-03-21 GCSE (pages 285-286)GCE3/21/2011Minutes61 KB
2011-04-11 GCSE (pages 287-292) .pdf2011-04-11 GCSE (pages 287-292) GCE4/11/2011Minutes88 KB
2011-05-07 GCE (pages 293-307).pdf2011-05-07 GCE (pages 293-307)GCE5/7/2011Minutes211 KB
2011-05-07 GCE (pages 308-386) Addenda.pdf2011-05-07 GCE (pages 308-386) AddendaGCE5/7/2011Minutes782 KB
2011-06-02 GCSE (pages 387-406).pdf2011-06-02 GCSE (pages 387-406)GCE6/2/2011Minutes316 KB
2011-10-27 GCSE (pages 407-408).pdf2011-10-27 GCSE (pages 407-408)GCE10/27/2011Minutes90 KB
2011-11-12 GCE (pages 409-428).pdf2011-11-12 GCE (pages 409-428)GCE11/12/2011Minutes253 KB
2011-11-12 GCE (pages 429i-429cviii) Addenda.pdf2011-11-12 GCE (pages 429i-429cviii) AddendaGCE11/12/2011Minutes6486 KB
2011-11-23 GCSE (pages 430-432).pdf2011-11-23 GCSE (pages 430-432)GCE11/23/2011Minutes44 KB
2011-11-28 GCSE (pages 433-434).pdf2011-11-28 GCSE (pages 433-434)GCE11/28/2011Minutes63 KB
2011-12-8 GCSE (pages 435-437).pdf2011-12-8 GCSE (pages 435-437)GCE12/8/2011Minutes171 KB
2012-01-10 GCSE (pages 438- 439).pdf2012-01-10 GCSE (pages 438- 439)GCE1/10/2012Minutes14 KB
2012-01-26 GCSE (pages 440-442).pdf2012-01-26 GCSE (pages 440-442)GCE1/26/2012Minutes107 KB
2012-02-14 GCSE (pages 443-445).pdf2012-02-14 GCSE (pages 443-445)GCE2/14/2012Minutes167 KB
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