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The United Church of Canada Commons

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This is a library of public documents from the United Church. Many items found here are longer-format and official documents. For information on our latest work, please visit

The United Church Commons is a public library of official documents from The United Church of Canada. For information on our latest initiatives, please visit

2012-08-18 GCE (pages 1-2).pdf2012-08-18 GCE (pages 1-2)GCE8/18/2012Minutes205 KB
2012-09-06 GCSE (pages 3-4).pdf2012-09-06 GCSE (pages 3-4)GCE9/6/2012Minutes93 KB
2012-10-01 GCSE (pages 5-8).pdf2012-10-01 GCSE (pages 5-8)GCE10/1/2012Minutes168 KB
2012-10-26-29 GCE (pages 9-30).pdf2012-10-26-29 GCE (pages 9-30)GCE10/26/2012Minutes148 KB
2012-10-26-29 GCE Addenda (pages 30a-m).pdf2012-10-26-29 GCE Addenda (pages 30a-m)GCE10/26/2012Minutes100 KB
2012-11-19 GCSE  (pages 31-32).pdf2012-11-19 GCSE (pages 31-32)GCE11/19/2012Minutes19 KB
2012-12-12 GCSE (pages 33-34).pdf2012-12-12 GCSE (pages 33-34)GCE12/12/2012Minutes18 KB
2013-01-29 GCSE (pages 35-49).pdf2013-01-29 GCSE (pages 35-49)GCE1/29/2013Minutes81 KB
2013-02-21 GCSE (pages 50-51).pdf2013-02-21 GCSE (pages 50-51)GCE2/21/2013Minutes19 KB
2013-03-21 GCSE (pages 52-55).pdf2013-03-21 GCSE (pages 52-55)GCE3/21/2013Minutes34 KB
2013-03-21 GCSE (pages 55a-f appendix).pdf2013-03-21 GCSE (pages 55a-f appendix)GCE3/21/2013Minutes1001 KB
2013-04-19 GCSE (pages 56-57).pdf2013-04-19 GCSE (pages 56-57)GCE4/19/2013Minutes19 KB
2013-05-04-06 GCE (pages 58-72).pdf2013-05-04-06 GCE (pages 58-72)GCE5/4/2013Minutes92 KB
2013-05-04-06 GCE Addenda (pages 72a-jj).pdf2013-05-04-06 GCE Addenda (pages 72a-jj)GCE5/4/2013Minutes606 KB
2013-05-16 GCSE (pages 73-76).pdf2013-05-16 GCSE (pages 73-76)GCE5/16/2013Minutes33 KB
2013-06-20 GCSE (pages 77-79).pdf2013-06-20 GCSE (pages 77-79)GCE6/20/2013Minutes26 KB
2013-11-16-18 GCE (pages 80-97).pdf2013-11-16-18 GCE (pages 80-97)GCE11/16/2013Minutes117 KB
2013-11-16-18 GCE Addenda (pages 97a-y).pdf2013-11-16-18 GCE Addenda (pages 97a-y)GCE11/16/2013Minutes171 KB
2013-11-28 GCSE (pages 98-99).pdf2013-11-28 GCSE (pages 98-99)GCE11/28/2013Minutes24 KB
2013-12-13 GCSE (pages 100-101).pdf2013-12-13 GCSE (pages 100-101)GCE12/13/2013Minutes20 KB
2014-01-31 GCSE (pages 102-104).pdf2014-01-31 GCSE (pages 102-104)GCE1/31/2014Minutes23 KB
2014-02-18 GCSE (pages 106-107).pdf2014-02-18 GCSE (pages 106-107)GCE2/18/2014Minutes158 KB
2014-03-21 GCSE (pages 108-109).pdf2014-03-21 GCSE (pages 108-109)GCE3/21/2014Minutes23 KB
2014-05-21 GCSE (pages 121-123).pdf2014-05-21 GCSE (pages 121-123)GCE5/21/2014Minutes29 KB
2014-05-3-4 GCE (pages 110-120).pdf2014-05-3-4 GCE (pages 110-120)GCE5/3/2014Minutes74 KB
2014-05-3-4 GCE Addenda (pages 120a-ll).pdf2014-05-3-4 GCE Addenda (pages 120a-ll)GCE5/3/2014Minutes555 KB
2014-06-20 GCSE (pages 124-126).pdf2014-06-20 GCSE (pages 124-126)GCE6/20/2014Minutes48 KB
2014-09-04 GCSE (pages 127-128).pdf2014-09-04 GCSE (pages 127-128)GCE9/4/2014Minutes24 KB
2014-10-15 GCSE (pages 129-130).pdf2014-10-15 GCSE (pages 129-130)GCE10/15/2014Minutes24 KB
2014-11-15-17 GCE (pages 131-148).pdf2014-11-15-17 GCE (pages 131-148)GCE11/15/2014Minutes364 KB
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