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This is a library of public documents from the United Church. Many items found here are longer-format and official documents. For information on our latest work, please visit

The United Church Commons is a public library of official documents from The United Church of Canada. For information on our latest initiatives, please visit

PC-MEPS4/1/2019Publication712 KB
Membership Ministry and Human Sexuality (1988).pdf
DMC8/24/1988Foundational document131 KB
Remits 1-8 results.pdf
3/2/2018Reference66 KB
GC42 CRTG Final Omnibus Motion as Passed.pdf
CRTG8/14/2015Reference126 KB
CRTG Frequently Asked Quesstions.pdf
CRTG5/1/2015Reference33 KB
CRTG Backgrounder 9 - Other Models Considered.pdf
CRTG5/1/2015Reference42 KB
CRTG Backgrounder 8 - Networks.pdf
CRTG5/1/2015Reference45 KB
CRTG Backgrounder 7 - Sample Covenant.pdf
CRTG5/1/2015Reference36 KB
CRTG Backgrounder 6 - Distribution of Responsibilities for the Processes of the Church.pdf
CRTG5/1/2015Reference53 KB
CRTG Backgrounder 5 - A Three-Council Model.pdf
CRTG5/1/2015Reference84 KB
CRTG Report - United in God's Work.pdf
CRTG5/1/2015Reference477 KB
CRTG Proposals to GC42.pdf
CRTG7/1/2015Reference152 KB
CRTG Backgrounder 10 - Finances.pdf
CRTG5/1/2015Reference173 KB
CRTG Backgrounder 3 - Renewal and New Ministry Examples.pdf
CRTG5/1/2015Reference74 KB
CRTG Backgrounder 2 - Past Reports Considered.pdf
CRTG5/1/2015Reference33 KB
CRTG Backgrounder 1 - Mandate, Terms of Reference, and Membership.pdf
CRTG5/1/2015Reference48 KB
CRTG Backgrounder 4 - Aboriginal Ministries.pdf
CRTG5/1/2015Reference166 KB
GC42 Workbook (rev2).pdf
General Council7/1/2015Reference8655 KB
Statement on Ministry in The United Church of Canada, 2012.pdf
General Council8/14/2015Reference42 KB
Remit 6 - Comprehensive Study Guide.pdf
General Council8/14/2015Reference209 KB
Remits - Frequently Asked  Questions.pdf
General Council8/14/2015Reference268 KB
Remit 6 - One Order of Ministry, Webinar Questions Raised.pdf
General Council8/14/2015Reference163 KB
Remit 8 - Study Guide.pdf
General Council8/14/2015Reference38 KB
Remit 7 - Study Guide.pdf
General Council8/14/2015Reference68 KB
Remit 5 - Study Guide.pdf
General Council8/14/2015Reference40 KB
Remit 6 - Study Guide (One Order only).pdf
General Council8/14/2015Reference50 KB
Remit 3 - Presentation.pdf
General Council8/14/2015Reference441 KB
Remit 2 - Presentation.pdf
General Council8/14/2015Reference355 KB
Remit 4 - Funding a New Model, Webinar Questions Raised.pdf
General Council8/14/2015Reference132 KB
Remit 1 - Three Council Model, Webinar Questions Raised.pdf
General Council8/14/2015Reference184 KB
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