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The United Church of Canada Commons

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This is a library of public documents from the United Church. Many items found here are longer-format and official documents. For information on our latest work, please visit

The United Church Commons is a public library of official documents from The United Church of Canada. For information on our latest initiatives, please visit

2018-09-24 GCSE (pages 180-181).pdf
GCE9/24/2018Minutes398 KB
2018-09-29 GCE Summary.pdf
GCE9/29/2018Reference901 KB
2018-11-17 GCE Summary.pdf
GCE11/22/2018Reference756 KB
PC-MEPS12/1/2018Publication302 KB
PC-MEPS10/1/2018Publication484 KB
PC-MEPS7/1/2018Publication385 KB
PC-MEPS4/1/2018Publication483 KB
Association of ministers proposed amendment.pdf
C. Hamilton11/15/2018Reference472 KB
White Privilege Working Group Mandate.pdf
GS11/15/2018Reference828 KB
Tracking the Work GC42 Executive (2018-11-08).xlsx
GCE11/8/2018Reference117 KB
Correspondence log GC42EX 2018-11-08.pdf
GCE11/8/2018Reference700 KB
2018-09-29 GCE draft (pages 182-186).pdf
GCE9/29/2018Minutes124 KB
2018-11-02 GCSE (pages 187-188) draft.pdf
GCE11/2/2018Minutes446 KB
2018-09-29 GCE Addenda (pages 186a-186aaaa ).pdf
GCE9/29/2018Minutes617 KB
November 2018 GCE Workbook.pdf
GCE11/17/2018Reference4383 KB
2018-03-03 GCE (pages 153-166).pdf
GCE3/3/2018Minutes828 KB
Flourishing in Ministry Report DRAFT 03-27 (2).pdf
MEPS3/30/2018Reference5688 KB
Proxy Voting Report Q3 2018.pdf
SHARE9/30/2018Reference58 KB
Adobe Connect Tip Sheet (final).pdf
Stefanie Uyesugi-Cooper3/15/2017Reference879 KB
Flourishing in Ministry Report DRAFT 03-27 (2).pdf
MEPS3/30/2018Reference5688 KB
Add a Touch of French to Church Life Postcard.pdf
Communications10/1/2018Reference208 KB
Bylaws D GCE version 13Sept2018.pdf
GC7/27/2018Reference225 KB
Our Model of Church Membership.pdf
The United Church of Canada2/1/2017Reference152 KB
BC CONFERENCE Policies MASTER - Updated 17-11.pdf
BC Conference11/15/2017Reference694 KB
2016 Annual Report.pdf
GCO8/1/2017Publication838 KB
News for Treasurers October 2018.pdf
Communications10/1/2018Reference233 KB
Pilgrimage Poster.pdf
Communications10/1/2018Reference147 KB
Advent Unwrapped Flyer.pdf
Communications10/1/2018Reference164 KB
Keeping in Touch October 2018.pdf
Communications10/1/2018Reference799 KB
_What's New October 2018.pdf
Communications10/1/2018Reference212 KB
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