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The United Church of Canada Commons

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This is a library of public documents from the United Church. Many items found here are longer-format and official documents. For information on our latest work, please visit

The United Church Commons is a public library of official documents from The United Church of Canada. For information on our latest initiatives, please visit

2019-01-26 GCE Summary.pdf
GCE1/26/2019Reference748 KB
January 2019 GCE Workbook.pdf
GCE1/26/2019Reference8625 KB
Proxy Voting Report Q4 2018.pdf
SHARE12/31/2018Reference53 KB
United Church Statement on UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a Framework for Reconciliation.pdf
Aboriginal Ministries Council3/31/2016Reference39 KB
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a Framework for Reconciliation (GCE42 2015).docx
GCE11/21/2015Policy33 KB
United Church of Canada Commitment to Inclusion (GC40 2009 089).docx
GCE1/1/2010Policy30 KB
Medical Assistance in Dying (GCE42 2017).docx
GCE5/6/2017Policy30 KB
White Privilege (GCE42 2017).docx
GCE5/6/2017Policy28 KB
Mandatory Training for Candidates (GCE42 2017).docx
GCE5/6/2017Policy30 KB
Gathering Together Report.pdf
PC-PMM7/1/2013Reference107 KB
Gathering Together (GCE41 2013).docx
GCE11/16/2013Policy32 KB
Adobe Connect Login Instructions.pdf
GCE1/18/2019Reference1029 KB
Finance Committee Bios.pdf
GCE1/26/2019Reference401 KB
2019 Operating Budget GCE webinar Nov 6.pdf
FIN11/6/2018Reference1657 KB
The United Church of Canada Foundation Board.pdf
GCE3/21/2006Policy654 KB
2019 Budget November 2018 GCE Workbook.pdf
GCE11/17/2018Reference286 KB
BC 03 Leading on Purpose - notes.pdf
GC7/25/2018Reference909 KB
Policy 3.18 Joint Grants Committee.pdf
GCE1/1/2019Policy658 KB
additional appointments note Nov 19.pdf
GCE1/26/2019Reference660 KB
Towards 2020 Finance Briefing Document - Fall GCE 2018.pdf
FIN10/3/2018Reference1520 KB
The Big Picture - March 2017.pdf
3/30/2018Reference464 KB
Governance Handbook - 2017-01.pdf
GCE1/1/2017Reference1221 KB
Bylaws D GCE version 13Sept2018.pdf
GC7/27/2018Reference225 KB
GCE-Elect Pension Administrator Role workbook.pdf
MEPS10/3/2018Reference2892 KB
Alliance pour une assemblée entière et unie.pdf
GCE7/15/2009Reference55 KB
Holy Manners.pdf
GCE11/1/2002Reference193 KB
Intercultural Lens Tool.pdf
GCE10/31/2016Reference4682 KB
Whole People's Covenant.pdf
GCE7/15/2009Reference52 KB
News for Treasurers January 2019.pdf
Communications1/1/2019Reference215 KB
Bulletin Backlist.pdf
Communications1/1/2019Reference694 KB
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