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The United Church of Canada Commons

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This is a library of public documents from the United Church. Many items found here are longer-format and official documents. For information on our latest work, please visit

The United Church Commons is a public library of official documents from The United Church of Canada. For information on our latest initiatives, please visit

Keeping in Touch May 2020.pdf
Communications5/1/2020Reference388 KB
2022 Call for Bulletin Photos.pdf
Communications5/1/2020Reference342 KB
2022 Call for Calendar Photos.pdf
Communications5/1/2020Reference287 KB
_What's Flyers.pdf
Communications5/1/2020Reference615 KB
Rendezvous Infopac flyer.pdf
Communications1/1/2020Reference292 KB
Keeping in Touch January 2020.pdf
Communications1/1/2020Reference323 KB
Lent Easter Flyer 2020.pdf
Communications1/1/2020Reference1344 KB
News for Treasurers January 2020.pdf
Communications1/1/2020Reference821 KB
_What's New January 2020.pdf
Communications1/1/2020Reference273 KB
_What's Online January 2020.pdf
Communications1/1/2020Reference137 KB
Candidacy Pathway postcard.pdf
Communications1/1/2020Reference233 KB
_What's Happening January 2020.pdf
Communications1/1/2020Reference99 KB
PC-MEPS12/1/2019Publication546 KB
PC-MEPS9/1/2019Publication559 KB
Keeping in Touch October 2019.pdf
Communications10/1/2019Reference296 KB
News for Treasurers October 2019.pdf
Communications10/1/2019Reference264 KB
Rendez-vous Infopac Flyer.pdf
Communications10/1/2019Reference273 KB
_What's Happening October 2019.pdf
Communications10/1/2019Reference170 KB
2019 Advent-Christmas Flyer.pdf
Communications10/1/2019Reference1523 KB
Advent Unwrapped Poster 2019.pdf
Communications10/1/2019Reference321 KB
Church Calendar 2020 flyer.pdf
Communications10/1/2019Reference385 KB
_What's Online October 2019.pdf
Communications10/1/2019Reference229 KB
_What's New October 2019.pdf
Communications10/1/2019Reference263 KB
2017 Annual Report.pdf
GCO7/1/2018Publication2237 KB
PC-MEPS6/1/2019Publication796 KB
Keeping In Touch May 2019.pdf
Communications5/1/2019Reference915 KB
Moderator letter May 2019.pdf
Communications5/1/2019Reference76 KB
News for Treasurers May 2019.pdf
Communications5/1/2019Reference348 KB
Rendezvous2020 Save the Date.pdf
Communications5/1/2019Reference338 KB
Call for Bulletin Photos 2021.pdf
Communications5/1/2019Reference131 KB
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