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The United Church of Canada Commons

Skip Navigation LinksGeneral Council Executive: GC36 Executive (1997-2000)
This is a library of public documents from the United Church. Many items found here are longer-format and official documents. For information on our latest work, please visit

The United Church Commons is a public library of official documents from The United Church of Canada. For information on our latest initiatives, please visit

1997-11-21-24 GCE (pages 1-96).pdf1997-11-21-24 GCE (pages 1-96)GCE11/21/1997Minutes714 KB
1998-01-21 GCSE (pages 97-124).pdf1998-01-21 GCSE (pages 97-124)GCE1/21/1998Minutes162 KB
1998-01-30 GCSE (page 125).pdf1998-01-30 GCSE (page 125)GCE1/30/1998Minutes16 KB
1998-04-02 GCSE (page 126).pdf1998-04-02 GCSE (page 126)GCE4/2/1998Minutes14 KB
1998-04-24-27 GCE (pages 127-154).pdf1998-04-24-27 GCE (pages 127-154)GCE4/24/1998Minutes152 KB
1998-10-23-26 GCE (pages 155-176).pdf1998-10-23-26 GCE (pages 155-176)GCE10/23/1998Minutes71 KB
1999-01-07 GCSE (pages 177-178).pdf1999-01-07 GCSE (pages 177-178)GCE1/7/1999Minutes94 KB
1999-04-23-26 GCE (pages 179-215).pdf1999-04-23-26 GCE (pages 179-215)GCE4/23/1999Minutes228 KB
1999-10-22-25 GCE (pages 216-245).pdf1999-10-22-25 GCE (pages 216-245)GCE10/22/1999Minutes511 KB
2000-02-15 GCSE (pages 246-247).pdf2000-02-15 GCSE (pages 246-247)GCE2/15/2000Minutes27 KB
2000-02-28 GCSE (pages 248-249).pdf2000-02-28 GCSE (pages 248-249)GCE2/28/2000Minutes22 KB
2000-04-28 GCSE (page 250).pdf2000-04-28 GCSE (page 250)GCE4/28/2000Minutes18 KB
2000-04-28-05-01 GCE (pages 251-279).pdf2000-04-28-05-01 GCE (pages 251-279)GCE4/28/2000Minutes393 KB
2000-06-16 GCSE (pages 280-281).pdf2000-06-16 GCSE (pages 280-281)GCE6/26/2000Minutes24 KB
2000-06-29 GCSE (pages 282-283).pdf2000-06-29 GCSE (pages 282-283)GCE6/16/2000Minutes29 KB
2000-06-30 GCSE (pages 284-285).pdf2000-06-30 GCSE (pages 284-285)GCE6/29/2000Minutes25 KB
2000-08-08 GCSE (pages 286-287).pdf2000-08-08 GCSE (pages 286-287)GCE6/30/2000Minutes25 KB