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The United Church of Canada Commons

Skip Navigation LinksGeneral Council Executive: GC42 Executive (2015-2018)
This is a library of public documents from the United Church. Many items found here are longer-format and official documents. For information on our latest work, please visit

The United Church Commons is a public library of official documents from The United Church of Canada. For information on our latest initiatives, please visit

Folder: Meeting DocumentsMeeting Documents
Folder: MinutesMinutes
Folder: SummariesSummaries
2015-2018 GCE Resource Book v2016-09.pdf2015-2018 GCE Resource Book v2016-09GCE10/1/2016Reference994 KB
2017 Conference AGM Backgrounder.pdf2017 Conference AGM BackgrounderGCE5/25/2017Reference346 KB
Adobe Connect Tip Sheet (final).pdfAdobe Connect Tip Sheet (final)Stefanie Uyesugi-Cooper3/15/2017Reference879 KB
Correspondence log GC42EX 2018-11-08.pdfCorrespondence log GC42EX 2018-11-08GCE11/8/2018Reference700 KB
Governance Handbook - 2016-09.pdfGovernance Handbook - 2016-09GCE9/30/2016Reference1142 KB
Governance Handbook - 2017-01.pdfGovernance Handbook - 2017-01GCE1/16/2017Reference1221 KB
Intercultural Lens Tool.pdfIntercultural Lens Tool11/1/2016Reference4682 KB
Towards 2018-19, Budget and Outlook.pdfTowards 2018-19, Budget and OutlookFinance4/3/2017Reference521 KB
Tracking the Work GC42 Executive (2018-11-08).xlsxTracking the Work GC42 Executive (2018-11-08)GCE11/8/2018Reference117 KB