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The United Church of Canada Commons

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This is a library of public documents from the United Church. Many items found here are longer-format and official documents. For information on our latest work, please visit

The United Church Commons is a public library of official documents from The United Church of Canada. For information on our latest initiatives, please visit

GC4310/7/2019Reference1578 KB
2019-09-21 GCE Appendix (pages 27i-27xxx).pdf
GCE9/21/2019Minutes1296 KB
2019-09-21 GCE (pages 23-27) draft.pdf
GCE9/21/2019Minutes775 KB
Zoom Tip Sheet.pdf
Shirley Welch10/7/2019Reference640 KB
2019-04-15 GCSE (pages 11-13).pdf
GCE4/15/2019Minutes586 KB
19) Administration of Sacraments for Projection.pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference633 KB
18) GC43 09 - Seeking Forgiveness.pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference391 KB
13) Small and Rural Ministries Theme (proposals as projected).pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference542 KB
16) Theology Theme (proposals as projected).pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference632 KB
10) Ministry Personnel Theme (proposals as projected).pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference662 KB
15) Remit Implementation Theme (proposals as projected).pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference735 KB
11) Right Relations Theme (proposals as projected).pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference601 KB
14) Intercultural and Dominant Privilege Lenses Theme (proposals as projected).pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference563 KB
12) Leadership Theme (proposals as projected).pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference610 KB
17) Identity and Vision Theme (proposals as projected).pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference770 KB
09) Governance Theme (proposals as projected).pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference727 KB
08) GCE 07 - Full Communion with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada (GS 83).pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference578 KB
07) NOM 01 - Appointment of the Denominational Council Executive.pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference672 KB
06) GC43 01 - Non-Prioritized Proposals.pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference436 KB
05) GS 03 - Consent.pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference546 KB
04) GS 02 - Seriatim, Enacting Remits Authorized by the 42nd General Council 2015.pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference393 KB
03) AMC 02 - Implementation of the Calls to the Church.pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference572 KB
02) AMC 01-GCE 01 - Caretakers Report, Calls to the Church.pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference210 KB
01) GS 01 - Procedural Motions.pdf
GC437/23/2018Reference729 KB
General Council Youth and Young Adult Survey.pdf
CIM9/25/2019Reference278 KB
PC-MEPS9/1/2019Publication2235 KB
PC-MEPS9/1/2019Publication559 KB
PDC Directors - 19-07 - Final.pdf
BC Property Development Council9/14/2019Minutes625 KB
GCE Workbook (2019-09-21) (updated 2019-09-19).pdf
GCE9/21/2019Reference4553 KB
Advocacy and Engagement Foci Draft 2.pdf
CIM9/5/2019Reference215 KB
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